Really about the road?

Really about the road?

April 1, 2013

I am a resident of Cecil Township. I attended the presentation on the Route 980 realignment plans. I voiced my disapproval along with my neighbors. Jesse White, our state representative, was quoted as saying there was a lack of any opposition to the plans. Was he listening? Also, where were our supervisors and what are their thoughts on the plans? The plans were 80 percent about the trail – 2.8 million dollars for a great trail!

What an opportunity for Cecil Township if this intersection would be more about the commerce possibilities, rather than about the trail. The trails are wonderful. But this is supposed to be about the road, isn’t it? This is not the answer to the traffic mishaps and near misses that occur there every day. It also does not address how tractor-trailers are to make the turns. It does not address the lake – you know, the one you have driven through over the past few years – that lies across Route 50 as you approach the intersection. I asked about the drainage issues. Representatives said they are putting in new grates. However, the ponding is further down the road away from the intersection. The answer, “Our concern is with the southbound 980 side of the road, not the northbound or Route 50.”

Seriously. Why bother...

Jacqueline Gasvoda



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