Obama spending too much

Obama spending too much

April 1, 2013

President Obama wants to give Jordan another $200 million for humanitarian aid because they have thousands of refugees flocking in from Syria. But, we have thousands and thousands of people without jobs and the White House can’t be open for tours. Children who have raised money all year for their trips have been told the tours are canceled. Obama has blamed everyone from the Republicans to the Secret Service.

Did he stop his trip to golf with Tiger Woods, which cost taxpayers more than $1 million? And how much is it costing us for his daughters to have spring break in the Bahamas? When are Obama supporters going to open their eyes? And what about Vice President Biden? He went to the installation of Pope Francis, but took a detour to Paris that cost us $585,000 for a one-night stay at a hotel. Really?

We owe China billions of dollars, and we are throwing around money like a drunken sailor. Gee, I wonder if I called Obama he’d be able to save the Fredericktown ferry? At least that’s worth a lot to many people.

Pam Morosky



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