Facing personal style choices: The great closet purge

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I want to take a minute to talk about my closet today - a serious investigation into the depths of my closet, because every once in a while the truth has to be revealed ...

Over the past 6 months, I’ve gotten rid of more clothing than ever before. The reason being that almost every time I went to pick out an outfit, I got overwhelmed with the decision-making process, to a point where I was frustrated and unhappy with a lot of my outfit choices.

So I trashed, donated, sold and reorganized that closet of mine, and even took the time to unearth some boxes from the attic. When you open a box of shoes that you didn’t even remember you had, and suddenly it feels like you’re shopping your own closet, you know it’s time to let some things go.

I was going through a phase that changed my outlook on fashion completely.

I wasn’t happy with how certain things fit, but I didn’t want to get rid of them because of something or someone I had seen wearing something similar and well, it sure looked great on them!

So I kept holding on in the hopes of one day figuring out the trick to making this work or adding a piece to my wardrobe that would magically pull the look together.

I was fooling myself.

I realized that what I want most when it comes to dressing myself is to be comfortable yet stylish in a subtle way that allows me to chase after a toddler and not constantly worry about breaking an ankle or flashing too much skin.

I discovered that certain materials and cuts don’t suit me in my day-to-day life. I like oversized clothing but have to be careful not to drown myself in them and lose all shape. It has been a fun and frustrating learning process and I am more careful now about what I choose to buy in the store.

I definitely have a much easier time putting together outfits with what I have kept and the new pieces I have added to my closet over the past few months. Taking outfit pictures also helps me evaluate each outfit I wear and make possible changes or totally scrap a combo.

The outfits I post on my blog, The Forge, are not always my favorites but I don’t think it would be very honest to only post the ones I am in love with. I am a mom, I am busy, and I don’t always have time to pick out an amazing outfit. What I want to share is the evolution of my style and the constant learning process that goes along with that.

I’ll be sharing more about how and where I shop (because it’s still my favorite), what I look for and how I decide what to buy in future posts.

Have you ever purged your closet? Did it make you feel better or did you regret it?

Web columnist and local blogger Sophie Steele is a German native living in Washington County with her husband, son and two dogs. A Cal U. design graduate, her personal style blog, The Forge, is about great food, photography, fashion and Steele’s outlook on living an inspired and creative life. Follow The Forge on Facebook and on Twitter: @theforgestyle.

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