Couple stole from woman while living rent-free

April 5, 2013

CARNEGIE, Pa. (AP) — Police have been searching for a couple charged with taking advantage of a 71-year-old woman who let them live rent-free in her basement by making credit card purchases in the woman’s name and even stealing some of her furniture.

Police in the Pittsburgh suburb of Scott Township have charged 42-year-old Lorrie Monsour, of Kittanning, and 43-year-old Antonio Cararini with credit card fraud, identity theft and other crimes stemming from their months-long stay at the woman’s home.

Police also said the couple used the woman’s credit card to buy thousands of dollars of merchandise from the Home Shopping Network and Christmas gifts. They’re also charged with using the woman’s name to apply for other cards and make other large purchases.

Investigators say the victim didn’t realize what was happening.



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