Marriage licenses

April 6, 2013

Feb. 15

Greenlief, Leonard Earl II of California and Diane Jeffries Turosik of California

Kelley, Jared William of Canonsburg and Lauren Trautman of Canonsburg

Wassell, Scott Benjamin of Washington and Laura Marie Lacasse of Washington

Feb. 19

Einloth, Stephen Patrick of Pittsburgh and Jennifer Lynne Klakamp of Pittsburgh

Frederick, Camron Scott of Canonsburg and Shenandoah Rae Sleasman of Canonsburg

Fisher, Benjamin Allen of Monongahela and Amanda Michael Ciranni of Monongahela

Forman, Anthony Scott of Washington and Patsy Lee Hutter of Washington

Husman, Raymond Reed of Canonsburg and Anita Ann Friend of Canonsburg

Karan, Steve of Finleyville and Hailey Lynn Kotecki of Finleyville

Larew, David Edward Jr. of Finleyville and Teiarae Dawn Watson of Finleyville

Talarico, Michael John of Canonsburg and Tiffany Michelle Smith of Canonsburg

Feb. 22

Daniels, Alan Gabriel Jr. of West Mifflin and Amanda Louise Meyer of West Mifflin

Patrick, Jimmy Daryl of Banner, Ky., and Leslie Nichole Poe of Banner, Ky.

Riley, Craig Michael of Pittsburgh and Sarah Laura Wittig of Pittsburgh

Settle, Michael Colin of Washington and Miesha Renee Bell of Washington

Walk, Paul Christopher of Bentleyville and Amanda Marie Watkins of Bentleyville

Feb. 25

Binns, Timothy Lyle Jr. of Finleyville and Katelynn Amanda Noll of McKeesport

Kirisci, Levent of Claysville and Jeanine Marie Hayes of Canonsburg

Nickel, Thomas Westley of Waynesburg and Joyce Ann Winters of Waynesburg

Webb, Christopher Morgan of Canonsburg and Kristi Lee Ferrero of Canonsburg

Feb. 28

Briggs, Scott Alan II of Washington and Jennifer Renee Pratt of Washington

Davis, Scott of Jefferson Hills and Rosemary Kaska of Jefferson Hills

Gary, Ernest Jr. of Washington and Melanie Yvette Higgs of Washington

Gray, Jon Walker of New Eagle and Michelle Louise Fackiner of New Eagle

Veltri, Matthew Townsend of Washington and Hilary Elise Patterson of Washington

Wingertsahn, Ryan David of Ellsworth and Jessica Lee Gamrod of Ellsworth

March 1

Evans, Lee Matthew of Smithon and Deanna Fay Bryan of Fayette City

Shaw, Christopher David of Scenery Hill and Laura Mae Eisele of Scnerey Hill.

Zimmer, Shawn David of Burgettstown and Stacy Lynn Pollack of Burgettstown

March 4

Alfred, Sean Eric of Finleyville and Kathleen Marie Bell of Finleyville

Crousey, Shtephe Christopher of Finleyville and Michelle Rachel Hoffman of Finleyville

McQuiston, Allen Dale Sr. of Burgettstown and Cheryl Lee Righettini of Burgettstown

Pyle, Jason Wesley of Pittsburgh and Lori Lynn Bednarz of Pittsburgh



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