Canonsburg family to appear on ‘Family Feud’

April 8, 2013
From left, Aleshia Brown, Erica Edmond, Dianne Brinson, host Steve Harvey, Rich Snipe and Deyotta Healy pose for a photo during taping of “Family Feud.” The episode featuring the Canonsburg family airs today.

A local family will appear on television screens across America as they take on the surveys on the game show “Family Feud.” This evening, viewers will get to know the Snipe family as they compete in one of the country’s most recognizable game shows.

“When we found out we were picked, I said, ‘Shut up! Is this for real?’” said contestant Deyotta Healy, 37 of Canonsburg. “I was totally freaking out at work.”

Earlier in the year, the Snipe family of Canonsburg traveled to Georgia to take on a family from Washington state. The original broadcast of the episode featuring the Snipe family aired in January, but local residents will have a chance to see them during a rebroadcast tonight at 7:30 on The CW 19, WPCW.

The Snipe clan’s journey began in 2011 when they decided to sign up for an audition held at a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh.

“I just called my sister and dad and said, ‘Let’s try out,’ on a whim,” Healy said. “So, we all got dressed up and went down there.”

After a successful tryout, the family had a long wait before getting word that they had been chosen for filming. They didn’t get final confirmation until fall of the next year.

“You put it out of your mind,” Healy said. “Like, ‘Oh, you know, I don’t really think we’re going to get a call for it.’ You don’t want to get your hopes up.”

Five members of the Snipe family were flown to Atlanta, where the show is filmed. Healy, her cousin Erica Edmond, aunt Dianne Brinson, father Rich Snipe and sister Aleshia Brown all hoped onto an airplane and traveled south to take part in the television show hosted by comedian Steve Harvey.

For Brinson, who has been a fan of the program pitting families against each other since the 1970s, the converted hotel ballroom that served as the show’s set was a lot to take in.

“I’ve been watching the ‘Family Feud’ since (original host) Richard Dawson,” Brinson said. “So, for years, I’ve wanted to be on it. It was one of the best experiences, ever.”

Although the upcoming episode is a rerun, the family said they were told by television executives not to spoil the ending. So, they wouldn’t say whether they won any prize money. But, they said they had a rock-tight plan of what to do with any proceeds gained from the show.

“We are such an awesome family that we decided that whatever happened to us, the winnings were going to be split equally,” Healy said. “That goes for the car, too.”

When the family first saw themselves on television, they said it was an entertaining experience.

“We had so many emails, text messages, voicemails and everything that people were sending us,” Edmond said. “It was a totally different experience when you watch it on TV. It’s crazy, but funny. Like, extra, ultra funny.”

Like they did for the original broadcast, the Snipe family said they planned to get together for tonight’s showing.

“We’ll have another party because we always have to get together,” Healy said. “Oh my, my 15 minutes of fame has started.”



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