Court cases

April 8, 2013

Numerous people appeared recently in Washington County Court on criminal charges.

Appearing before Judge Katherine Emery were:

Donna Hoefler, 55, of 146 McConnells Mills Road, Washington; theft; charged after residents of the Beau Regency Complex, South Strabane Township, reported thefts of jewelry and money in June and August 2011, where she was a cleaning person; sentence – 7 years of probation, $50,596 in restitution.

Gregory T. Terrell, 21, of 440 Duncan Ave., Washington; possession of a controlled substance; charged during a traffic stop July 7 on Interstate 79, North Strabane Township; sentence – 6 months of probation.

Charles T. Doyle, 52, of 128 Armour St., Richeyville; charges of simple assault and harrassment were dismissed.

Aaron E. Jackson, 20, of 616 Division St., Monessen; possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct; charged Sept. 16 while law enforcement were responding to a fight at Third and Wood streets, California Borough; sentence – 12 months of probation and $200 fine.

Matthew T. Gross, 22, of 17 Loffert Road, McDonald; two counts of burglary; charged May 8 and June 6 for stealing two pistols, jewelry, a coin collection and money from 3 Bowen Road, McDonald; sentence – 24 months in the state Intermediate Punishment Program and ordered to pay $4,080 in restitution.

Michael J. Traficante, 46, of 116 Hoover Lane, McMurray; first offense of driving under the influence and accidents involving damage to attended vehicle; charged March 18, 2012, while police were responding to a call at 57 Naser Ave., South Strabane Township, that he was going to shoot himself, with a 0.14 percent blood-alcohol content and a detection of cocaine, and Oct. 28 for causing a two-vehicle crash on Route 19, near Weavertown Road, North Strabane Township; sentence – 72 hours to 6 months in jail, 6 months probation, $1,000 fine, 12-month license suspension.

Jan E. Altamare II, 36, of 372 Pennsylvania Ave., Charleroi; unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, driving while operating privleges suspended; charged Sept. 28 after fighting with his fiance in the parking lot of Bob’s Tavern, Finleyville, and taking her car without permission; sentence – 12 months of probation, $200 fine.

Michael K. Tharp, 29, of 296 Cecil Henderson Road, Canonsburg; burglary; charged June 17 for stealing items from 243 Key Ave., Canonsburg; sentence – 23 months in the RIP Program, 100 hours community service, $100 restitution.

David A. Markish, 21, of 31 Second Ave., Atlasburg; first offense of DUI; charged following a traffic stop Oct. 26 at Noblestown Road at Technology Drive, Midway Borough, with a 0.037 percent BAC; sentence – 3 days to 6 months jail, $500 fine, 12-month license suspension, 25 hours community service.

Richard C. Blackmore, 30, of 29211 Legends Green Drive, Spring, Texas; second offense of DUI; charged following a one-vehicle crash Feb. 29, 2012, at 255 Sienna Trail, Venetia, with a 0.201 percent BAC; sentence – 90 days to 18 months probation, 18-month license suspension, $1,500 fine, $1,250 restitution.

Richard H. Lawry Jr., 25, of 2007 Beallsville Road, Marianna; second offense of DUI; charged Aug. 13 following a two-vehicle accident at Main and Maiden streets, Washington, with a 0.267 percent BAC; sentence – 90 days to 18 months probation with 90 days on home monotiring consecutive to probation, 18-month license suspension, $1,500 fine.

Craig A. Falcon, 59, of Beech Bottom, W.Va.; second offense of general impairment; charged April 28 during a traffice stop on Jefferson Avenue at Wylie Avenue, Washington, for driving under the influence of drugs; sentence – 5 days in jail, $300 fine, 12-month license suspension.

Clarence P. Belliveau, 31, of 4621 Royal Ave., Coraopolis; defiant trespass, simple assault; charged May 19 for forcably entering the victim’s home at 320 E. Lincoln Ave., Apt. 1A Rear, McDonald Borough, and assaulting him on May 18; sentence – 12 months of probation, $550 restitution, and no contact with the victim.

Ashley N. Sadler, 20, of 60 Bel Air Drive, Apt. C, Washington; simple possession; charged Feb. 4, 2012, during a traffic stop on Jefferson Avenue at Hall Avenue, Washington; placed in the Probation Without Verdict program.

Kathleen G. Stephens, 44, of 786 Weirich Ave., Washington; DUI, criminal mischief; charged March 19, 2012, after driving a vehicle into Friendship Community Church, Weirich Avenue at Prigg Road, Canton Township, with a BAC of 0.29 percent; sentence – 12 months probation, 60-day license suspension.



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