Vendetta was behind bus conflict

April 8, 2013

In memory of my late father-in-law, William C. Good, I feel I need to address the conflicts within the Trinity Area School Board regarding the bus contract.

He put his heart and soul into creating G.G.& C Bus Co. in 1967 along with his partners and fellow Trinity teachers William Clark and Wendell Gower. Needless to say, he would be appalled at how this contract is being handled, especially from disgruntled former employees of G.G.& C who wanted to be elected to the school board for the purpose of retribution towards the bus company, among other personal issues. To award the transportation contract to an out-of-state company with a higher bid when G.G.& C and Schweinebraten have been serving local school districts for decades is unbelievable.

Parents have told us how they trust the drivers of these two companies and that many of their children have had the same bus driver throughout their time in the Trinity district. Unfortunately, a substantial amount of taxpayer money was spent on the process of opening the contract for bids and for ongoing legal actions – all for no good reason. Hopefully this decision on the bus contract can be overturned so that two honest, caring, local bus companies can continue to provide safe, reliable transportation to the Trinity Area School District. We can only hope that the upcoming May primaries will send a message to the board that this community will not tolerate vendettas.

Cindy Good

South Strabane Township


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