Democratic Party pressured challengers

Democratic Party pressured challengers

April 8, 2013

This letter is in response to the Wednesday article, “Challenge to Washington County judicial candidate withdrawn,” concerning the nominating petitions of Washington County judicial candidate Thomas Fallert.

In the referenced article, Thomas Fallert is quoted as saying the challenge had “no merit whatsoever” and that the challenge was “baseless and politics should have no place in evaluating judicial candidates.”

Every individual who circulates a petition for a candidate to get on the ballot is required to sign under notary that they were the individual who got the signatures on that petition. The basis of the challenge was that Thomas Fallert signed under notary that he was circulator of 38 of his own petitions totaling 655 signatures. This would be a monstrous undertaking on its face, but the full scope of this claim comes into focus when the petitions supposedly circulated by Fallert are broken down by signatures received across all of the 38 petitions per day the signatures were collected. There were multiple instances that Fallert supposedly circulated 22 separate petitions in a geographic range from North Franklin Township to Monongahela all by himself, in one day. This feat is impossible in my opinion. Removing the 38 petitions in question from the equation leaves Fallert short of the required signatures needed to be on either party ballot.

The fact is that the Washington County Democratic Party pressured the attorney representing the challengers to step down from the suit in multiple ways in the days leading up to the court date. Washington County deserves better from candidates for judicial positions and the Washington County Democratic Party.

Jeff Foutz

South Strabane


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