Think of the students

  • April 11, 2013

In regard to Cindy Good’s letter, which appeared in the Monday edition of the Observer-Reporter, I hope all parents of Trinity Area students will let the school board members know that it is wrong to cancel the contract with the G.G.& C. and Schweinebraten bus companies. They should reverse their decision for the good of the students.

Why would the school board bring in a bus company that is from out of state and does not know the area or the students? These bus companies have done a terrific job for many, many years. My children went all through Trinity and my granddaughter is now a student at Trinity Middle School. They are very reliable. I always felt that they were safe going to and from school. They have very caring drivers.

School board members should put their vendetta aside, if that is what it is, and think of the students for a change. Why would they even consider another bus company? Some of their decisions have not been the best this year. Dropping French for Chinese at the high school was one of them, but this tops them all.

Dorothy Crawford


Think of the students


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