Bring God to Washington

April 11, 2013

Western Pennsylvania has been my home since 1989. I grew up in the Hopewell/Aliquippa area and moved to Philadelphia in 2002. I returned home in 2011. I was surprised at how things had changed in just nine years.

What happened to Route 60? It’s now the Parkway. And when did drivers become so impatient and dangerous? When did the City of Washington become so polluted and overrun by drugs? How did our elected officials become the object of joke-filled monologues on late-night television? When did the attitudes of our citizens go from self-sacrifice to entitlement?

No one can pinpoint an exact date as to when all this happened, but I can see a root cause of the degrading of our wonderful city. As a community, and a nation, we have pushed God out of our lives. We have collectively stood up on our own two feet and told God we can do this just fine by ourselves. God gave us a wonderful country in which to be free, and, like ungrateful children, we have cast God aside in exchange for the erroneous notion of making all happy, even if it means denying the principles and ideals that made this country great. I am not suggesting that anyone believe in a particular religion or denomination; all I am asking is that we get back down on our knees and ask God to come back into our community.

Jeremiah Osbourne


Bring God to Washington


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