: Police beat April 13

April 12, 2013


Woman charged: Charges of theft and receiving stolen property were filed Friday against Tiffany Stewart, 29, of Shutterly Avenue, stemming from an incident in February. Police said Stewart’s daughter had a sleepover at her house and one of the guests reported an iPod missing from a backpack. Several weeks later, the mother of the guest discovered the iPod at TJ Enterprises in Brownsville, where it was allegedly sold to them by Stewart. In addition, Stewart and Jerome Stewart, 29, are both charged with violating a borough ordinance dealing with disorderly houses. The charges were filed with District Judge Jay Kanalis.


Shots fired: A man shooting at a sick raccoon at 6 p.m. Thursday frightened people in the area of Town Park. Police received several calls from people hearing gunshots and fleeing from the area. They found Bill George, of 408 Park Drive, with a rifle he used to kill the animal. George told police he was concerned that the raccoon could bite him or children playing nearby. Police said the raccoon did appear to have been unhealthy but they advised George there is a law against discharging firearms within the borough. Police took his rifle pending completion of their investigation.


Charged in crash: Lisa Michelle Gullick, 45, of Washington, faces a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol after she crashed her vehicle at 282 Pine Run Road at 4:30 a.m. Friday. State police said the charges will be filed with District Judge Curtis Thompson.


Burglary charge: A burglary charge will be filed against a woman who walked uninvited into a house on Ewing Street Wednesday night and was stabbed by the woman who lived there. Police arrived at 466 Ewing St. to find Bobby Spangler, 30, of 875 Ewing St. sitting on the curb with a laceration to her left hand and two other women trying to wrap it. Inside police found Jessica Powell, 19, with a shovel in her hand and a knife on the floor. Powell had called 911 to report the three women were trying to get in to her home through the back door, which was locked. However, Spangler walked in the open front door and was stabbed by Powell as she tried to choke her, police said. Police said the two women have had an ongoing dispute. Powell told police she grabbed the knife because she was fearful of what the women would do. Spangler was taken to Washington Hospital for treatment.

Drug charges: Isaac A. King, 32, of 1090 Jefferson Ave., Apt. 8, faces charges of drug possession after officers with the adult probation office found marijuana and suspected cocaine in his apartment Wednesday. The officers called police, who brought a search dog to the apartment, which alerted police to a mattress where a rifle was hidden along with a purse belonging to Brittany Anderson of the same address. Police also found drug paraphernalia items in the apartment. Anderson was charged with disorderly conduct for possession of a small amount of marijuana.

False ID: Dennis Tate Jr., 20, of 705 Broad St., Apt. 2, was charged with providing a false name to police Wednesday. Police were taking Tate’s cousin into custody at Broad Street and McCarrell Avenue. The man’s child was with him and he told police Tate could take the youngster since he is a family member. Police asked Tate for his name and he said it was Mark Dickerson and gave a false date of birth. Tate’s identity was known to police and he was taken into custody, too.

Forgery charge: Jessica Hysong, 35, of 429 Canterbury Court, Washington, faces charges of forgery. Police said Cheryl Wadsworth of Washington had a private complaint filed against her by a man who said Wadsworth owed him $300 from two bounced bank checks. Wadsworth said the checks were from an old account and she did not know how someone had obtained them. The man had cashed the checks for Hysong.

Theft from truck: Garrett Phelps, of 440 Henderson Ave., reported to police Thursday morning a number of items were stolen from his truck. Police said it appeared someone had squeezed through a rear window of the truck and removed audio equipment, cash and bank information.



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