Good customer service needed

April 13, 2013

There has been some talk about the McDonald’s restaurant chain trying to fix their problems with poor customer service and unfriendly or unprofessional employees. But it’s not just McDonald’s that has this issue. There are a lot of businesses, particularly in our region that have failed to provide better customer service. Rude employees, lack of professionalism and a lack of common courtesy is now commonplace in many industries.

For years, companies have said that they strive to better the customer’s experience. How much do they really mean that? I know of places right in Washington that don’t do that until a customer has a bad experience. One satisfied customer will tell five or six people about their good experience while one unsatisfied customer will tell 10 to 15. That right there should make these businesses try harder. Although, we can’t solely lay blame on these businesses either.

The lack of professionalism and responsibility in the workplace in younger generations has been increasing. For whatever reason, these younger generations either don’t want to work or they feel they shouldn’t have to work for anything. Before I ever had a job, I was told that manners, professionalism, responsibility, and following workplace rules were how you kept a good job and did your part for your company. Business fails when you allow it to, and part of business is good customer service.

Running a business is hard, but losing the business you run would be even harder. It’s not always about the fastest service or the biggest smile. Sometimes, we want good quality and people who remember us when we come back. It’s inevitable that you get comfortable in your job, but customer service should never suffer. The customer may sometimes be wrong about certain things, but nine times out of 10 the customer is always right, at least about customer service.

Kayla Mrock



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