Bus companies proven commodities

April 13, 2013

We have read and re-read the story relating to Trinity Area School Board versus the GG&C and Schweinebraten bus companies. We know of the conflict of interest within the board, but has the board reflected on the long-term effects the decision would have?

The First Student bus company is not locally owned, unlike GG&C and Schweinebraten, which have strong ties to our community. Retaining GG&C and Schweinebraten also helps the local economy with employees that are from this area. This means a paycheck, of course, but also feeds the tax base of the area in which the employee lives. Also fed are the businesses that provide services to these bus companies.

But I feel the best reason to retain GG&C and Schweinebraten as providers for our children’s transportation is this: Both companies are known commodities. I draw your attention to decades of service both companies have rendered. The fact that when you call the facilities of these companies, you will speak with a person who is very professional, has knowledge of what route your child is on, who is driving the bus, and will seek quick resolution to your concerns. The drivers, too, care about the students.

Think of it this way: King David used a sling and a stone to slay Goliath. He used weapons he knew would not fail in his time of need. Shouldn’t we do the same?

Frank Belcastro



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