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April 15, 2013

I would like to add a few comments regarding the bus situation in Trinity Area School District.

It has been a few years since I was involved in any contract negotiations. However, one thing I remember is that both sides were interested in local companies, local employees, local taxes and revenues and local spending. In other words, local.

As a resident of Canton Township, with four adult children who graduated from Trinity High School and were transported to and from school, free of accidents, by conscientious and dedicated drivers of the G.G.&.C. Bus Co. My grandchildren are now being transported by the same company. I don’t know how many years G.G.&.C. (and the Schweinebraten company) have served the community. However, I know from experience that if we had a problem, we could contact the local company and resolve the situation.

I wonder if that would be the case with the new company and if you would end up talking to someone in Cincinnati, New York, Canada or Europe. These are some of the headquarters of the First Student company.

I have known and associated with several of the school board officers and can only say how disappointed I am with their actions involving these bus contracts. I would like to encourage families to support local companies that have served our students in the past and should also in the future.

Floyd Kennedy

Canton Township

Support local companies


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