Range oblivious to irony

April 16, 2013

Range Resources does not seem to understand irony.

Range has recently been involved in a cold war with Cecil Township, arguing that Cecil has been violating the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act. Range Resources spokesman Matt Pitzarella made the astonishing claim that they believe “transparency” is the best policy. This could be seen as the very definition of irony considering that Range and all the other carpet-bagging drilling companies currently operating in Pennsylvania have never once revealed the contents of the chemicals used in the fracking process, or been forthright about their lobbying efforts to bypass the Clean Air or Clean Water acts and the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.

Good for Cecil. Until the drilling companies come clean about all aspects of their operations, from the drilling process to the amount and quality of the gas pumped out of the ground and the ultimate destination of said gas, then we, the taxpayers, should not feel the least bit compelled to share the private dealings of our local representatives.

If Range doesn’t like the Sunshine law, then maybe they should lobby a few more local politicians. Then they could just change the laws so they can drill anywhere they want.

Brian Rothermund

West Alexander

Range oblivious to irony


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