Cal U. basketball player to stand trial on rape charges

April 17, 2013
Jeremy Posey, a student at California University of Pennsylvania, arrives for a preliminary hearing at Washington County Courthouse earlier this month. - JimMcNutt/Observer-Reporter Order a Print

A member of last season’s California University of Pennsylvania basketball team will stand trial on charges he raped an acquaintance in her university dormitory room in April 2012.

Jeremy Edward Posey, 19, of Huntington, Huntington County, was ordered held for court Wednesday by District Judge Valarie Costanzo on charges of rape by forcible compulsion, rape of an unconscious victim and sexual assault following a preliminary hearing in Central Court.

The 19-year-old woman testified she had been out that night with another man but they got into an argument. She said Posey sent her a text and she told him of the problems she had with the other man. The alleged victim, who was a freshman at the school at the time, testified she met Posey during the fall 2011 semester.

Posey reportedly wanted to come over and talk. She said she told him not to come over expecting sex.

The two watched a movie in her bedroom and talked. She said at one point, Posey made advances toward her but she again told him no.

She then went to sleep only to be awakened by Posey on top of her back having sex with her while holding her down with his arms.

The woman admitted during cross-examination that she and Posey had sex once in the past in his dormitory room.

Posey’s defense attorney, Jill Sinatra, argued the charges should be dismissed.

“These are just bald accusations,” Sinatra claimed. “There needs to be more than, ‘The guy did it.’”

She also questioned if force was used in the alleged assault.

Assistant District Attorney Kristin Clingerman countered that the woman’s testimony alone clearly indicates she told him twice they were not going to have sex.

“He did remove her shorts and held her down,” Clingerman said. “And he continued to hold her down. That alone shows force.”

Posey remains free on $30,000 bond.

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