Podgurski a valuable resource

April 17, 2013

It was very distressing to read about the behavior of some of those attending the meeting of the Peters Township School Board Monday.

Sex education is a delicate subject, and parents have a responsibility to be involved. But no matter the disagreement, disrespectful behavior is never appropriate nor is it effective.

No one has the best interests of our adolescent and near-adolescent population at heart more than Mary Jo Podgurski. She is a valuable resource for our community and we are blessed to have her wisdom, which she revealed to me when my now 23-year-old son was approaching puberty: Remember, he knows more than you think he does.

Be careful what you wish for. Those fourth- and-fifth-graders will be precocious teenagers before you know it. And then a few words of Podgurski’s wisdom may be just what the doctor ordered.

Susan Martinelli

East Washington

Podgurski a valuable resource


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