Cecil needs an audit

  • April 18, 2013

After an investigation, the residents of Cecil Township are left with more questions than answers regarding the resignation of police chief John Pushak.

If the money of taxpayers was used to pay for the investigation of Pushak before his resignation, why are we not permitted to see the results? Recently, Nate Harper, Pittsburgh’s police chief, had an issue with money and we know how much it cost to investigate and the amount misappropriated. We just want to make sure that taxpayer money is going where they think it’s going.

If the supervisors would like to remove the black cloud hanging over the township and put to rest the many questions, there is one way to do it – a forensic audit of all departments. This audit should be done by and independent firm with no association with the township. It would restore some credibility to our elected officials and clear the air in regard to how our township is being operated.

Judy Bowser


Cecil needs an audit


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