Decals can transform a wall cheaply and easily

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April 20, 2013
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This photo shows a “Branches and Blossoms” wall decal. Decals are growing in popularity because they can easily be installed and removed without damaging walls or paint.
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Associated Press
This photo from shows a 3D wall decal on a wall in a drawing room.
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This photo shows Wall Word’s Love Birds wall decal in the stairway of Diane Wright’s home. Wright painted the dark and dreary dry walls bright green with a black trim, and added the Love Birds decal to liven the largest wall seen as you enter or leave the house.
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This photo shows’s “Kids on Swings” decal, a popular choice for parents decorating nurseries.

During a recent home remodel, Diane Wright decided the stairway leading to her garage needed some perking up.

So she went online and found a wall decal – roosting love birds on a branch.

“I love them. It adds some individuality,” said Wright, who also has used decals in other parts of her home on Kiawah Island, S.C.

Wall decals have taken off as an easy, affordable and temporary way to transform a room, said interior designer Darla Blake of Unique & Chic Interiors in Irvine, Calif. The flexible vinyl decals come in dozens of colors and hundreds of designs, everything from animals and music notes to funky patterns and religious symbols. There are words and sayings. And some companies make custom decals.

“Having a tree in your bathroom, or a park bench and bicycle on a wall behind a sofa, or a bridge going to nowhere brings a smile to everyone who enters the room,” Blake said.

The decals make it easy to personalize a room, which is popular right now, she said. “You can easily find something to reference your personality, your job or your lifestyle,” she said.

Wright has used decals as an inexpensive border in a bedroom and above photos.

“It’s certainly a whole lot less than hiring a painter,” she said.

Price varies by size, but a decal around 25 inches by 50 inches would usually be less than $100.



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