Podgurski credentials are impeccable

April 21, 2013

There are many points I could make regarding the recent hullabaloo about sex education in Peters Township.

As a 37-year resident, a mother of three graduates of our school district, a PTA member of more years than I can count and an officer many times over, this type of issue is nothing new. The thing that is newer though, is the rudeness and the mistaken belief by some parents that they can dictate the curriculum for everyone because of their religious or narrow-minded beliefs.

There are two things that are the most important in this discussion. One is that this program is an opt-out program. If you don’t want your child to be part of it, sign the form and forget it. No one is forcing you to attend, and please don’t think you have the right to tell my grandchildren that they can’t. It’s simple. If it worries you for whatever your reasons, opt out.

The second is just this: There is no one more concerned for your children then Mary Jo Podgurski. She has been a pillar of sex education throughout Washington County for many years. Her focus is always on the family and telling the students to discuss things with their parents. She is open for any parent to call or email her with concerns. Her credentials are impeccable. As a parent who has successfully navigated the pre-teen and teen years with three children, two boys and a girl, I can tell you my kitchen table was always open to roundtable discussions with the friends of my children.

You think you know your children. You don’t. Young people almost always go to their peers with concerns before they do their parents. Be very glad there is a Mary Jo Podgurski dispensing correct information to them. Because they will find all manner of incorrect information out there on their own. Also, be very glad that you live in a community that cares enough about your children to provide this type of education, and that you can opt out if you choose.

And you know what else? Quit being so incredibly rude.

Jill Baer


Podgurski’s credentials are impeccable


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