Parents should work with district

April 21, 2013

This letter is a response to the article in the Tuesday edition of the Observer-Reporter concerning the sex education material in use in Peters Township school district. As an individual who has been part of sex education programs under Mary Jo Podgurski’s supervision, I am dismayed by some of the comments made by various parents at the school board meeting Monday.

First and foremost, it is mentioned multiple times in the article that students are not forced to participate in the sex education program. Concerned parents should consider excluding their children from such programs.

Some members of the audience supported the program at last Monday’s meeting, and when attempting to speak they were interrupted by groans and various other disruptive behaviors. I find this extremely immature. Interrupting and heckling others does not promote positive behaviors in students or people of any age. In order to have a logical and informed discussion, both sides of an issue must be discussed.

Also, if the claims made by Podgurski are true about a group of parents making inflammatory attacks, this is another example of ignorance and immaturity. Podgurski claims that she is open and willing to speak with parents. They should take the opportunity to have a conversation with her and provide their feedback.

Concerned parents should take the time to work with the school district, Podgurski and other parents. Students in middle school are at the most curious points in their lives, and they should be encouraged to exercise responsibility. Parents should re-examine their behavior at meetings and toward Podgurski in order to create a better image for the community. Most importantly, this program benefits students. Parents should ensure that they are acting in the best interest of their children and not themselves.

Sam D. Comfort


Parents should work with district


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