Let snakes live free

April 21, 2013

Yet again, I find it necessary to speak up in defense of snakes.

In response to the Observer-Reporter’s story on the Steel City Reptile Expo, which appeared in the April 8 edition of the newspaper, I find myself writing this letter with disappointment and a heavy heart. Why did the Observer-Reporter choose to present the snake sale as if it were a positive activity? It would have better served as an investigative piece on snake suffering and misery, rather than applauding the captive snake industry. This snake expo should be a source of shock and embarrassment for our community and the planet.

Really, what good does it do to trap and transport or to breed a snake, only to then hold it hostage in a container? If a person truly loves snakes, I ask that you seriously consider the plight of the captive snake. Reconsider your own selfish desire to capture and to possess this snake and then restrict its natural instinct and living conditions. Instead, during the month of April, let us all think outside of the box of captivity. Decide to honor the presence of the snake in our world by leaving undisturbed the snakes that live in the wild by conserving and protecting the snakes’ natural environment, and by discontinuing captive breeding and exportation for profit and ill-placed fascination.

Marie Grudzewski


Let snakes live free


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