Pressure cooker control?

April 22, 2013

As a reminder of your United States democracy at work, let us pay attention to something that actually shows how it works correctly for our representatives and their constituents across the country.

As you may have noticed, our ”king” was not so pleased with the Senate for not giving his highness his way, as he has often always gotten. He was a little mad after the Senate turned down his latest gun control measure.

Now, as I am a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment and I am also very, very sorry for the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Conn., I do not believe that the president should ignore the feelings and the rights of law-abiding citizens. These senators represented the people and were not bullied into trying to let the “king” and his minions get their way. All the while, let us not forget that the senators are also going to need the votes of law-abiding citizens.

And do you really think that a serious criminal is going to be concerned with registering a weapon and expanded background checks? Please! They will get guns, while the government can’t even properly enforce the current gun control measures in place.

The main point of interest should be paying more attention to the proper evaluation of warning signs and treatment for mental health conditions that can lead to erratic acts of violence. As evidenced by the use of an improvised explosive device as a weapon in Boston last week, we have witnessed the fact that criminals will produce other means to execute a violent act once they have made up their mind to do so. So maybe the “king” should think about a new pressure cooker control measure?

Robert Ruschell


Pressure cooker control?


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