Range suppports disclosure, new technologies

Range supports disclosure, new technologies

April 23, 2013

A recent letter by Brian Rothermund, “Range oblivious to irony,” which appeared in the April 16 edition of the Observer-Reporter, repeated a false statement that the contents of fracturing fluid in oil and natural gas development are a secret.�This is not the case. While all companies are required by regulation to disclose today, Range was actually the first company to voluntarily disclose fracturing fluids on a per well basis in the entire United States back in 2010. Not much was reported at the time locally, but The Wall Street Journal thought it was important enough to run the announcement on their front page.

Anyone interested can visit rangeresources.com for the information, for wells here or anywhere else in the nation. The contents are also listed at fracfocus.org a website run by the United States Groundwater Protection Council (GWPC).

Rothermund supported the notion that the public should be kept in the dark about decisions that our local governments make regarding commerce and private land development. He stated that government should not feel the least bit compelled to share the private dealings of our local representatives. We believe transparency and an open dialogue on issues that matter is of critical importance.

Range is on record on countless occasions being in support of, and in fact lobbying for, not against, smarter and tighter regulations that adapt to new and emerging technologies. Pennsylvania has consistently been ranked with high scores by independent teams from the GWPC and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, which is made up of state and federal regulators, academics, environmentalists and other nongovernmental organizations, and industry scientists.

Like many people in the natural gas industry, my family came to this country three generations ago and landed right here in Washington County. We all want to make sure our natural resources are responsibly developed and in a manner that maximizes those benefits for us all.

Matt Pitzarella


Pitzarella is a spokesman for Range Resources.


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