Cleaner and greener

April 25, 2013

We urged our readers in this space last Friday to welcome spring by clearing litter from roadsides in Washington and Greene counties over the weekend. In spite of the cold, wind and sleet of Saturday morning, many of you did so, and for that you are to be thanked.

We noticed that bags of collected litter, old tires and other debris were piled neatly along many roads in the area, including Racetrack Road in South Strabane and Route 844 near West Middletown, as well as Routes 18, 19, 21 and 188 in Greene County. In Washington, the city sponsored a cleanup of the Highland-Ridge area, the West End and Tylerdale. The Avella Area Community Association attacked litter on Route 50.

We hope others will follow this fine example and clean roadsides in their own communities, and trust that municipal road crews are quick to remove the assembled piles of trash.



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