Soap opera review

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April 26, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope came up with a last-minute plan to win back Liam. A couple moved closer to a happy outcome. Brooke counseled Katie on her marital woes. Caroline wouldn’t let go of Rick. Oliver made a sincere gesture to Hope.

Days of our Lives: Maggie and Jennifer made up. Eric caught Nicole with Vargas, and the two lovers later argued. Kristen orchestrated an uncomfortable moment for Sami and Rafe. Cameron kissed Abigail after she saved his career. Eric confided in Father Matt about Nicole. Kristen wound up in a close encounter with John while returning his gift. Ciara flew into a rage after learning of Bo’s delayed return. Daniel and Jennifer gave Eric surprising information about Nicole. Nicole agreed not to quit after pleas from Eric. Jennifer got her job back at the hospital, to Anne’s dismay. Brady walked into a moment between John and Kristen. Sami and Will continued to work Stefano in hopes of getting help with Nick. Rafe swore to Kate he was over Sami, and they made love. Ciara gave Kristen a gift. Vargas gave Nick $30,000 and instructed him to triple it. Stefano agreed to retrieve evidence against Will from the police station.

General Hospital: Sabrina updated Felix about Britt’s abortion, and he encouraged Sabrina to ask out Patrick. Connie commiserated with Milo. Laura reunitwed with Scott, who had words with Luke. Brenda asked Sonny to run away to Italy with her. Nikolas told Liz that AJ threatened him. Spinelli left town in pursuit of the Quartermaine heir, unaware Ellie was still trying to find out Maxie’s secret about the baby. Milo hid Lulu from loved ones at his apartment. Tracy found a prospective business partner. Britt called Patrick to take her for her abortion just as he was readying for his date with Sabrina. Britt caught Ellie as she was opening Maxie’s medical records. Carly refused a call from Johnny, who got a visit from Connie. AJ and Carly had words after seeing Sonny celebrating his birthday with Olivia. AJ taunted Sonny about Brenda and Michael. Carly escorted AJ from the hotel. Connie warned Sonny that Morgan was in danger.

The Young and the Restless: Carmine narrowly missed Fen as he arrived at Lauren and Michael’s apartment. Lauren told Carmine she didn’t want to lose her marriage and asked him to leave. After winning On the Boulevard in a poker game, Billy told Victoria that he bought the restaurant and had big plans. Nick and Avery made amends after their argument about Dylan. Sharon came to Newman Enterprises to clean out her desk and revealed to Adam that Chelsea was pregnant, and he later confronted her. News of Nick and Avery’s engagement surprised Sharon. Nikki told Victor that Billy and Victoria were trying to have another child, and Victor later asked Victoria if her duties at Newman would hinder those efforts. Gus was rushed to the hospital following a heart attack, and Leslie blamed herself for causing him stress. He later woke up in the hospital and uttered a woman’s name that Leslie didn’t know. Chloe and Kevin vowed to work on their marriage. Avery told Phyllis she agreed to marry Nick, and they had words. Nick worried that Dylan was staying in town because of Avery. Leslie urged Tyler to make peace with Gus. Leslie asked Gus the identity of the woman he mentioned, and he feigned ignorance. Billy swore Carmine to silence regarding the poker game. Summer asked Phyllis to let her move into the mansion with her and Jack, and Phyllis suspected she was doing it to get to Kyle.



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