Washington is a mess

April 27, 2013

I’m writing in response to Joe Manning’s letter, which appeared in the Observer-Reporter Tuesday.

Manning says Washington is coming back. Where? Who is he trying to fool? Or is he just talking to the low-information voters? Just because a business has expanded or rebuilt inside the city, does not mean the city is coming back. He says that $16 million was spent trying to make the town look better. I say, taxpayer money was wasted. Look around. Half of the storefronts are empty and the other half have nothing to offer. The buildings and the sidewalks are filthy.

If anyone does go uptown, you have to pay for parking, and then fear the dreaded meter maid. Then you have to walk half-a-block to shop. The hills uptown are enough to kill any older person. Most of the human traffic in town is from people on their lunch breaks, and they’re going to Shorty’s. Manning made a comment about all of the auto traffic. What? These are not people who work in town. They are people cutting across town. We call that a short cut. Do you see these people stopping in town to shop? No. When the people finish working in town, they go home or to the mall. The town rolls up the sidewalks between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. A few merchants do stay open to try and get that last dollar, but overall, there is nothing in Washington worth shopping for.

I voted for Mayor Brenda Davis and I also voted for Manning, but both of them have disappointed me and many others. No one on city council gets along. They all act like a bunch of school kids on the playground. They all blame each other for the mess in the city. None of them care about the people here. They are all out for yourselves. There are ways to fix this city, but none of them know how. The only person I see caring about the people in this city is Councilman Matt Staniszewski.

Albert Perts



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