Two strikes against company

April 29, 2013

People of New Eagle, get ready. They’re at it again. Ramaco LLC, a new coal company, is planning to restart the old Mathies/Mon View mine. This time, it’s with a new twist. They are planning to open a new portal off Little Mingo Road.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: Instead of moving the coal underground, as in the past, this time it is to be moved by semi-trailer trucks. This means you will have to live with at least 70 trips to their tipples, either to the right or left, at Route 88, and if they go, they have to come back, which means 140 trips on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

You’ve had to deal with these kinds of people before – long on promises, short on delivery. It won’t be long before the roads are worn out, the air is polluted and the land alongside is black with coal dust. This route is traveled daily by many school buses and Mid-Mon Valley Transit Authority buses. What do we get in return? A few nonunion jobs and a ruined environment.

Please call your elected officials and attend your township and school board meetings. Tell them to tell Ramaco �they already have two strikes against them and they’re out before they’ve reached the plate.

Richard Ryaby


Two strikes against company


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