It’s not the police, it’s Davis

May 2, 2013

It is my experience in life that if you find yourself always on the outs with people, you need to stop and reflect on your attitude, agenda in life and the treatment you give to others.

It seems to me that Washington’s mayor, Brenda Davis, needs to take a good long look at what she is creating for herself, as well as what she is doing to this city. It has unfortunately become a laughing matter to most people to talk about the mayor and City Council. The constant, and seemingly standard, remark by Davis for anything that goes public and may reflect badly on her or council, is she is a woman and that she is not liked much and is being discriminated against by the “good old boys.”

I find it very disturbing that two well-qualified police chiefs have walked away from the job, and the police union is asking for her to be removed as department head. I do not believe for a moment it is because she is female. I believe when you treat people as if they are inferior to you and run like a bull in the ring, this is what you get in return.

Nancy Carr


It’s not the police, it’s Davis


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