Politicians take everything for themselves

May 2, 2013

Now President Obama wants to raise money to pay for his debt by taking the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment away and reduce Medicare spending. I’d be willing to give up that COLA – you don’t get enough to buy bread and milk anyway – if all the politicians give up all their perks. Cars, per diems, pensions and more.

Pennsylvania is also a joke because these politicians take everything for themselves. Then they try to bamboozle taxpayers by saying, “It’s a law.” Laws are made to be changed, but they only want to change the ones that don’t affect their wallets. I say all politicians should be limited to two terms, just like the governor and president. That’s when we’ll see change.

There is one senator I admire, and that’s Joe Manchin of West Virginia. He always was a fair man and did so much for West Virginia. He can compromise with Republicans, which has to be done if they are going to make any progress. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid need to go. They are nothing more than baggage to taxpayers.

I hope all the seniors who voted for Obama are happy with themselves. He wants to make up his spending mistakes on the backs of seniors and the rich. How about cutting welfare recipients who have never worked a day in their lives?

Judge Judy says, “How can you tell if a teenager is lying? When their lips are moving.” I don’t agree, but I sure feel it applies to politicians.

Pam Morosky


Politicians take everything for themselves


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