Daughter debut beautifully heartbreaking

  • May 3, 2013
“If you Leave,” by Daughter

Many of the tracks on Daughter’s debut album “If You Leave” are quite similar, with their monosyllabic titles and melancholy feel. It’s anything but a boring listen, though, and Elena Tonra’s smooth, silky voice is a delight to hear.

Tonra first gained recognition as a solo artist, but has enhanced her sound with guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella.

The opening track “Winter” sets the tone for the record. It’s a song about love lost, but not in a blatant, obvious way. “Drifting apart like two sheets of ice,” Tonra laments, coupling emotions and nature. And “Smother” is so relaxing, even when a steady drum beat is introduced. However, you can’t lose yourself in the fabric of the song as the lyrics force you to sit up and listen: “In the darkness I will meet my creator,” Tonra sings.

“Youth” is completely beautiful, again synching Tonra’s voice and the pounding drums. Toward the conclusion of the record, they start mixing things up slightly, combining synth and drums on “Touch” so it sounds like it could have jumped straight from a record by The xx.


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