Beware of postal trucks, dogs

Beware of postal trucks, dogs

May 4, 2013

Summer is almost here. School bells will soon be silent and once again millions of youngesters will be in neighborhoods during the time that we deliver mail. For Postal Service drivers, this means more possibilities of unwary young pedestrians wandering into roads or darting from between cars or hidden places.

Because of this, we at the Washington Post Office would appreciate your cooperation in telling your children to be aware of our vehicles and to not attempt to retrieve your mail from a carrier when they are driving a vehicle. One accident that occurs with a child is one too many. Please ensure that your children stay away from these vehicles.

Unfortunately, with the start of summer also comes a rise in dog bites. According to the U.S. Postal Service, an alarming 5,669 mail carriers were attacked by dogs in 2010. With dog attacks posing such a danger to postal workers, it is important that all pet owners take proper precautions when letting dogs out of their house and also ensuring that their windows and doors are secure as well. There have been numerous accounts of dogs getting free from their yards and attacking Postal Service carriers. Additionally, numerous attacks have occurred with dogs jumping through screen doors or knocking doors open and then biting carriers when they attempt to deliver to that customer’s mailbox. Please control your pets, especially during the times that your carrier is delivering your mail.

Dave Meister


Meister is the postmaster at the Washington Post Office.


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