No recommendation made on next phase of Canton development

May 8, 2013
Angelo Quarture, who wants to complete the Brick Ridge Estates development, speaks before the Canton Township Planning Commission Wednesday night as commission Chairwoman Helena Brand listens. - Christie Campbell / Observer-Reporter Order a Print

Changes to two additional construction phases of a Canton Township residential development came before the township planning commission Wednesday night.

Developer Angelo Quarture presented the revised plans to the commission and addressed concerns from residents of Brick Ridge Estates.

Currently, there are 16 residential units, a combination of single-family homes and duplexes, in the housing development off Jefferson Avenue. Quarture purchased the property from Mike Williamson, who developed the first phase.

Quarture wants to build 10 structures that would contain four units each instead of the single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes previously approved for another 12 acres.

The other change he is requesting is permission to build a second entrance to the property. Residents were in favor of the second entrance but opposed to having the four-unit structures.

Commission member Del Walker could not recall that triplexes were approved by the township when the development was first proposed in 2006 by Williamson.

Engineer James Harshman noted the township’s ordinance for a planned unit residential development, or PURD, does allow for up to three units but questioned if those could be added now.

Walker’s motion to decline Quarture’s application because it violates the sales agreement with Williamson did not pass. Chairwoman Helena Brand and member Blair Stoker said they want to first have Harshman complete his review of the application.

Others questioned if the number of units would bring their property values down.

“What I’m offering is to finish the development, landscape it, add infrastructure and put equity in Canton Township to do more parks and more development and fix what looks like a failed development,” Quarture said. “It doesn’t make sense to me how you think a finished development is going to devalue your homes.”

Quarture said the brick units will sell for between $225,000 and $275,000. Existing units have sold between $197,000 and $318,000.

Harshman recommended Quarture come to the next meeting with the support of the existing homeowners “because it takes a lot of the issues off the table.”

The PURD was the subject of a conditional-use hearing before the board of supervisors which was continued to Tuesday.



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