Two California police officers suspended

May 11, 2013

California council members confirmed the suspension of two police officers who allegedly traveled to Washington to run errands, leaving one officer to cover the entire borough during a busy Friday night.

Councilman Phil Difilippo said two of the three officers on duty drove to Washington to return a drug task force vehicle the night of May 3, an action they were not authorized to perform.

“They probably should have done it another time,” Difilippo said. “When you’re talking about a Friday night in a college town, Saturday morning probably would have been a better time.”

Council President Jon Bittner also confirmed the suspension but declined further comment.

Council members voted unanimously to suspend the two officers, Justin Shultz and Terry Childs, for 30 days without pay during Thursday’s meeting. Difilippo said he wasn’t sure what the next step in the disciplinary process was for the officers, both of whom are members of the borough’s police union.

Three officers were on duty to patrol the borough Friday night, but Shultz and Childs were reportedly away for more than an hour returning the vehicle. A fight erupted at a Sigz Bistro, prompting law enforcement from surrounding departments to provide backup. Officers eventually shut down all the bars in the area early, at about midnight.

Difilippo said he wasn’t aware of any previous complaints or disciplinary actions against either of the officers.



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