Money, time wasted on bus contract

Money, time wasted on bus contract

May 11, 2013

“Whew!” is all I had to say after reading a full-page advertisement on the Trinity Area Schools bus contract in the Thursday edition of the Observer-Reporter paid for by Scott R. Day, Sandra Clutter and Colleen Interval, three members of Trinity Area School Board.

I decided to do some extended homework since the huge spread on the back page of the first section was a little lopsided to me. Not much information was provided on the First Student bus transportation company.

I searched on the Internet for lawsuits against First Student and, faster than the speed of light, pages and pages of links popped up to provide me with information on this topic. There were too many to mention, but at least now I believe the image of First Student is on a little more level playing field with the present local company that buses our children.

Next, I looked at the Ohio-based companny’s website, where I read it was “the largest school bus company in North America.” Wow! Talk about tooting your own horn! Sounded sort of like WalMart is coming to your neighborhood. I have to wonder not only how many small bus companies First Student has put out of business, but why their bid could not have been even lower than it was on the Trinity bus contract.

Since I have always had a USA-made and Pennsylvania-first mentality, my two cents worth here would be, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” The money and time wasted on this so far could have been better used toward the education of our children.

Rebecca Simpson



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