Fire razes vacant Cecil Township mobile home

May 13, 2013
A burned-out shell is all that remained Monday of a mobile home at 74 Wilson Ave. in Cecil Township after it caught fire Sunday night and rekindled Monday morning. - Aaron Kendeall / Observer-Reporter Order a Print

A state investigator was at the scene of a Sunday night fire when the blaze rekindled Monday morning, engulfing the mobile home in Cecil Township for a second time in roughly 12 hours.

Cecil Fire Department Assistant Chief Dennis Berty said a Pennsylvania deputy fire marshal was at the site of the fire that gutted an abandoned mobile home at 74 Wilson Ave. Sunday night. The investigator was there Monday morning to take daylight photographs of the scene when he noticed smoke coming from what remained of the structure.

“There was heavy smoke coming from the roof,” Berty said. “When we looked in, we could see flames. By the time everyone got here, it was fully engulfed.”

Crews from Cecil fire stations 1, 2 and 3 fought both fires, and members of the Houston Fire Department’s Rapid Intervention Team were dispatched in both cases. The RIT team stands by at fire scenes to provide emergency medical treatment and extra manpower in the case of any accidents or injuries to first responders.

Berty said the original fire erupted about 9:50 p.m. Sunday. The fire reignited about 9:45 a.m. Monday.

The structure was unoccupied at the time of Sunday night’s fire. Berty said the trailer, which had been on the site for decades, was empty of furniture, and officials were still trying to determine who owned the building. There was a sign in front of the building indicating a possible auction this morning.



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