Mother’s Day weekend in Germany

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Is it really Thursday again already? Since we got here to Stuttgart, Germany, I’ve kind of stopped keeping track of time and I keep catching myself wondering what day it actually is (we’re at least 6-9 hours ahead of most of you).

We had an almost perfectly smooth ride to Germany and seem to have gotten over the initial jet lag as well by now. Logan spent the second night in my bed instead of his crib, talking, squishing my cheeks with his chubby little fingers, laughing without apparent reason and finally fell asleep about 3 a.m.

It’s been a good few days so far weather wise as well as everything else. We are taking full advantage of living in a neighborhood where there are three playgrounds within a few hundred feet, sidewalks and we can take the tricycle for a spin several times a day.

I’ve had way too much bread already and this way those new overalls may come in extra handy, once I need to start hiding the food baby.

We had a long weekend over here thanks to a holiday, but I caught some sort of stomach bug Friday night and so that was that.

I was very glad my parents were taking Logan off my hands as much as possible so I could get some rest. I started feeling better by the time Sunday came around. I got up before everyone else and made pancakes. My husband, Jason, made sure I received some beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day and I wish we could have all spent the day together as a family instead of being 5,000 miles apart. Bummer.

Today, I got to meet my cousin’s 3-week-old baby boy and oh my did it make me realize how very big my own baby has become. Was he really ever that tiny? It seems so unreal to be the one with the rambunctious toddler now. Only a few more days and I have a 2 year old.

So Mother’s Day and newborns must be the perfect combination to give me a healthy case of baby fever. I guess it’s a good thing the husband is far, far away.

Above are a few more photos from my Instagram (@theforgeblog), including a photo of a Döner. Traditionally Turkish, this German fast food loaf includes meat, veggies and sauce. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Döner.

Web columnist and local blogger Sophie Steele is a German native living in Washington County with her husband, son and two dogs. A Cal U. design graduate, her personal style blog, The Forge, is about great food, photography, fashion and Steele’s outlook on living an inspired and creative life. Follow The Forge on Facebook and on Twitter: @theforgestyle.

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