PennDOT announces work schedule

May 17, 2013

Greene County Maintenance Manager Jerome Simkovic announced the following tentative work plan for the week of May 20. All maintenance activities are conducted on a weather-permitting basis.

Motorists should drive with caution throughout all work areas and be alert for signed work zones requiring the usage of headlights.

The schedule is as follows:

• Repair base failures on Route 18, from Browns Creek to Mud Lick Run, Franklin Township.

• Base repair and paving activities will be conducted on Roiute 19 (Arch Street to Hillcrest Avenue), Waynesburg Borough.

• Bridge cleaning will be conducted on Route 188 from Morrisville area in Franklin Township to Strope Road in Morgan Township.

• Litter detail will pick up litter and tire cases on Interstate 79 in Greene County.

• Bridge repair will be conducted on Muddy Creek Bridge and concrete culvert rehabilitation project on Route 1021 (Crucible Road) in Cumberland Township.

• Side dozing will take place on Route 3006 (Jollytown Road to Toms Run Road) and Route 3008 (Minnie Hill Road to Toms Run Road) in Pine Bank, Gilmore Township.

• Shoulder cutting/grading and unpaved grading will be completed on Route 1001 (near Apple Hill) and Route 1003 (Porter Street extension) in Franklin, Washington, and Morgan townships.

Slide repair will continue on Route 2003, (Buckeye Road); Perry Township. The road will be closed.

• Slide Repair and ditch line cleaning will take place on 4013 in the village of Time and area of Booth’s School in Morris Township.

• Signs will be updated, downed signs will be replaced, and complaints will be addressed on various state routes throughout Greene County.

• Bridge bearing cleaning lasting two hours or less will be conducted on I-79 overpasses of the following roads: Route 21 at Waynesburg interchange; Route 2026 near Wilden Hill Road in Perry Township; Route 2009 Gas Company Road in Perry Township; two sites on Route 18 over South Fork Ten Mile Creek and one site on Route 21 over Muddy Creek.

PennDOT has a 24-hour toll free number for residents to call to report any road maintenance concerns. This number can also be used to report locations of dead deer on state highways. The number is 1-800-FIX ROAD (1-800-349-7623).



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