Misconceptions displayed in column

Misconceptions displayed in column

May 18, 2013

I read the Dave Molter column, “Global warming and other dirty lies,” in Wednesday’s edition of the Observer-Reporter. I find it interesting that Molter can post no scientific proof proving his point. I also find it interesting that he uses the common misconception offered by conservatives that it snowed this year and many other erroneous notions to attempt to prove a point.

More than 95 percent of the environmental scientists agree that we are having a very negative effect on Mother Earth. Global warming is not something that can be really seen by someone over time. The warming is the overall temperature in the upper atmosphere, not down here at ground level. It is believed that the rise in this temperature is the reason behind all the freaky storms that are occurring all over the world – things like monster tornados striking places that normally do not have tornados.

Yes, you can rationalize that this could be part of a natural cycle. But it’s the frequency of how often these events occur that the data shows is increasing.

It’s very easy to point to what seem to be flaws in reports. Think about this for just a minute or two. When growing up in Canonsburg in the 1950s, Chartiers Creek was highly polluted and actually orange. Nothing really lived in the creek, but now there are fish living there. Pittsburgh was a dirty city, and now it’s clean, beautiful city. People like Moulter fought against the environmental movement then. Were they wrong? No. Were they lying? No. What you and others need to consider is the world your grandkids and great-grandkids are going to inherit. Being conservative, I would think that you would want to err on the side of conserving the earth, not possibly destroying it.

Tom McConnell



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