The worst kind of politics

The worst kind of politics

May 18, 2013

Many residents of Trinity Area School District were victimized by a political drive-by when they visited their mailboxes earlier this week.

They found a letter with no return address. Inside was an anonymous diatribe against several residents running for seats on the Trinity Area School Board in Tuesday’s election. The letter contained accusations and allegations covering two pages. What it didn’t contain was any acknowledgement of the author’s identity.

This is the worst kind of politics. Spraying the landscape with political “fertilizer” while not having the intestinal fortitude to lay claim to your allegations is gutter politics at its worst. Differences of opinion should be discussed in the light of day with each side taking ownership of its argument. Anonymous letters with no return address are the work of cowards who lack the courage of their convictions.

I dumped mine in the garbage can.

Tom Trettel

South Strabane


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