Illinois man accused of threatening ex-wife, stealing her car

May 19, 2013

An Illinois man accused of threatening his ex-wife, assaulting her boyfriend and then stealing her car told a Washington County district judge during his arraignment Sunday that he was “set up.”

Jason Scott Sargent, 39, of Tinley Park, was arrested early Sunday by state police on charges of robbery by a motor vehicle, theft, simple assault, disorderly conduct, driving without a license and two counts of terroristic threats. He was taken into custody by Allegheny County police at Pittsburgh International Airport, where he was scheduled to take an early morning flight to Chicago.

But Sargent told District Judge Jay Weller that he had been “set up,” even asking the judge if he could take photographs of the abrasions on his leg as proof of his claim. Weller said he could ask Sargent how things went so “horribly awry.”

“But I won’t,” said Weller.

Sargent flew in from Chicago to visit his son for his scheduled visitation about noon Saturday. Rachel Lynne Sargent of Brownsville, whom Sargent described as his ex-wife and current girlfriend, had picked him up at the airport and he spent the night at her home at 221 Malden Road, police said. The two have been divorced for about three years, and she moved to Washington County about a year ago.

He reportedly woke his ex-wife about 5 a.m. so she could take him to the airport. While she was getting gasoline, she called her live-in boyfriend, Thomas Steven Yuratovich.

Rachel Sargent told police that she and her former husband had been arguing and he allegedly made a statement that he should kill her. She pulled into a parking lot on Route 136 and Brownlee Road, Somerset Township. Yuratovich also pulled his vehicle into the parking lot. Sargent and his former wife were reportedly arguing. He allegedly told her that he was going to kill Yuratovich.

Sargent then got out of the car and reportedly went over to fight Yuratovich, who pushed him to the ground. The two men struggled. Sargent then reportedly drove off in his wife’s car.

While Rachel Sargent and Yuratovich were at the state police barracks in Washington, Sargent called and said he was at the airport but would give no details as to his location or location of the car, police said. He called a second time, telling her he was through security and ready to board. County police found and detained him. They also located the car in a parking lot at the airport.

Sargent works near Chicago as a project manager for high rise glass installation, currently working on projects in Chicago and Arizona. Trooper Ryan Deems, who filed the charges, told Weller that Sargent also mentioned working in China and Deemswas concerned the Illinois man is a flight risk. Weller gave police authorization to seize Sargent’s passport.

Sargent was placed in the Washington County jail on $100,000 bond. If he is released from jail, he is to have no contact with either his ex-wife or Yuratovich. A preliminary hearing is set for June 5 before District Judge Curtis Thompson.

Kathie O. Warco has covered the police beat and transportation for the Observer-Reporter for more than 25 years. She graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in journalism.

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