Our Summer Bucket List

May 20, 2013
Photo courtesy of The Piggy Toes.

Recently, we sat around the kitchen table and made a Summer Bucket List for our family.

The rules were simple - the things we wanted to do had to be free. Once talking through a few ideas, we realized that free was hard, like making s’mores over a camp fire. We obviously have to buy graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. We also let the boys decide what they wanted to do and only prompted them a few times (star-gazing, catch lightning bugs).

We wrote each activity on a popsicle stick and afterward, the boys put the sticks in little buckets they found around the house. We’re excited to do these activities together, many of which we’ve done before but there is something about seeing them in writing that will hopefully help in planning a little better. Maybe then, the experience will be more memorable, too!

Our Summer Bucket List

• Make s’mores over a back yard camp-fire

• Wash cars

• Camp in the back yard

• Play in the rain

• Launch a baking soda rocket

• Trail Bike

• Go fishing

• Lay on a blanket under the stars

• Fly kites

• Take Cameras on a nature hike

• Play Roller Hockey in the culdesac

• Make Popsicles

• Catch Lightning Bugs

• Go on a picnic

• Feed ducks

• Set up a lemonade stand

• Sell toys at a garage sale and give the rest to Goodwill

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