Sophie’s Style File: Matchstick cords and vintage stripes

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Today is just an outfit post - a sneak peek into my closet and fashion habits.

Have I mentioned before that I love thrifting and really most things vintage? I love the hunt for new treasures. It makes me all excited and giddy on the inside. I love anything from vintage linens to industrial-style home decor items.

My husband usually rolls his eyes at me when, once again, I venture out and come home with bags and bags of stuff. It’s some sort of addiction I guess.

Once in a while, I will pick up an item of clothing like this red and white candy striped shirt. I just can’t part with it! You will find stripes all over my closet ... well, that is if you can find anything in my mess of a closet at all.

So there you have it for today, stripes on stripes and these awesome matchstick cords I got at JCrew for $3.50. Yes, I never thought I’d ever get a piece of clothing there for that cheap.

Web columnist and local blogger Sophie Steele is a German native living in Washington County with her husband, son and two dogs. A Cal U. design graduate, her personal style blog, The Forge, is about great food, photography, fashion and Steele’s outlook on living an inspired and creative life. Follow The Forge on Facebook and on Twitter: @theforgestyle.

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