The way things are done in Greene

June 11, 2013

On Saturday, the Observer-Reporter’s Greene County edition contained a photograph showing a mishap involving a motor coach in Franklin Township. The vehicle’s undercarriage had become wedged against the road surfaces at the junction of Route 21 and the relatively newer, and sharply inclined, Comfort Lane.

No narrative is provided to explain the cause of the highly unusual occurrence, leaving that to the speculation of the reader. In that vein, I suggest the mishap is yet another unfortunate result of the way we do things in Greene County.

This mishap is not an isolated case. A short distance east is our infamous Waynesburg Crossroads, which has a host of troubling issues. Another example lies a short distance west. Imagine yourself as a stranger driving through the area and looking to find a way to the Super 8 hotel. If you haven’t tried it, you should, especially at night.

There are a multitude of such cases throughout the county. Virtually all are brought upon us simply by the way we do things. We seem to have this penchant for hopelessly trying to put 10 pounds of progress into a 5-pound regress bag. Any way you look at it, that just isn’t smart.

We need to change our view of public schools and libraries from being expenses to being investments for improving our quality of life.

Paul Lagojda

Cumberland Township

The way things are done in Greene


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