Questions on reassessment

June 11, 2013

Why exactly is it that two school districts are forcing the rest of Washington County to have their properties reassessed? What is the millage rate in their school districts compared to all the other districts in the county? Why is it that these two school districts cannot manage on the revenue collected like the other ones appear to be doing?

What exactly do the problems in these two school districts have to do with all others? What are the salaries and benefit particulars of all those employed in the two school districts? Shouldn’t a comparison be available to all taxpayers in the county, since their lives will be impacted?

How much has been spent by these two school districts to litigate all this? Couldn’t the money have been better spent in some way that actually benefits the students and taxpayers who pay the bills? Has everyone considered how this reassessment will affect the many property owners who are relying on fixed or limited incomes, or are school districts now going to go into the real estate business?

When the gas industry boom that Washington County has been graced with ends – and it will end – then what? Will we go through another multi-million dollar reassessment?

I may have still more questions. But I want to praise our county commissioners for dragging their feet for all of us who are not happy with the idea of having more money coming out of our pockets because of the situation in two school districts that have absolutely nothing to do with where we live.

N.A.C. Sheppick


Questions on reassessment


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