Saddened by WKZV’s demise

June 15, 2013

As a lifetime listener to country music, I was saddened to hear that my favorite radio station, WKZV, has ceased operations.

I listened to them for a lot of years. It was the only station around this area that played traditional country music. The other “country” stations play what they call “modern” country, which is not a good facsimile of the real thing. It is a real shame that the woman who owned the station couldn’t find financial help so that it could stay on the air, thus preserving music that has been a part of America for many, many years.

I know many people will disagree with me, saying you have to go with change. To this I say, only when change is for the better. In this case, change certainly has not been for the better. Other people have sources where they can hear their kind of music. But now I have lost my source.

And so I sadly bid goodbye to WKZV, especially to Randy Allum, whose Saturday program was the very best, and farewell to traditional country, at least in this area.

James McKuhn



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