Teachers make D.C. trip possible

June 15, 2013

I am writing this letter after my 11th trip as the nurse to Washington, D.C., with the Washington�School District’s seventh-grade class. I went on the trip myself as a seventh-grader and, at the time, did not know the amount of time and dedication the teachers put in to make this trip happen. I probably didn’t appreciate it the way I do now.

I am full of Prexie Pride after every trip and I want others to know how great it is. After touring the Newseum in D.C., one of the directors of the museum commented on the students. She said they were a dream. They were engaged, reading the information alongside the displays, watching the John F. Kennedy documentary “A Thousand Days,” and she noted that none of them were texting or talking as other groups have in the past. They were respectful and would be welcomed back.�

I attribute this to the great group of teachers from the Washington School District who encourage the students to show respect and expect appropriate behavior at each of the places we visited. They plan this trip and leave their own families to spend three days with a group of seventh-graders. I am proud to be associated with this district and the commitment teachers have to their students. I take three vacation days to go on this trip and come back very tired. We don’t miss many things on this trip.

When I describe where went on the budget the teachers had to work with, it amazes people. They plan this trip on a tight budget so that they can take as many students as possible. Some teachers, both current and retired, sponsor students to take this trip.

This is a tradition that I am proud to be a part of. I hope there are others out there who have fond memories of this trip and remember that it is the teachers who make it all possible.

Tammie Wallace



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