Gatling’s votes send a message

June 17, 2013

Even though Joe Manning might have been the write-in candidate for Washington City Council for most of the city’s voters, what went almost unnoticed was the 80-some votes for David Gatling.

What makes this write-in effort interesting is I didn’t see any signs, Gatling didn’t have strategic planning meetings, he had only a few volunteers at one polling place and told friends in the Highland Ridge area to vote for him as a write-in.

When I asked Gatling why was he running, he informed me he wanted to send a message to the mayor and council. You need to be seen in our community more than just when you run for office.� Those of us who know Gatling understand that when it comes to his neighborhood, in the Highland Ridge area, he can be brutally honest.

I met Gatling when I first moved into the community from Pasadena, Calif. He’s the reason I became a volunteer for the Highland Ridge Community Develop Corp. and it’s his passion that keeps me motivated about our community and our city. Gatling has been active in expressing his opinion about our neighborhood watch and other activities, talking to Mayor Davis and City Council members and expressing his frustration when some local agencies are only in the area when they are raising money or they want something. “We only see them when they want something from us. I would like to see them more active in our neighborhood,” Gatling told me.

Eighty-plus votes might not seem like a mammoth message to anyone, but I felt his message was clear that you should not take our community for granted.

Fred Fleet II


Fleet is the president of the Highland Ridge Community Development Corp.

Gatling’s votes send a message


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