Facts unmentioned in pension comments

June 17, 2013

After reading Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi’s remarks Friday in the Observer-Reporter regarding the pension program for county employees, I felt it only fair to respond to these comments.

First and foremost, Maggi doesn’t even mention that employees contribute to their pension plans. Second, if the pension is funded in excess of 80 percent, that is excellent, considering the questionable financial health of the majority of the public employee pension funds throughout the country.

Third, Maggi should remember that he, the two other commissioners and the row officers are also enrolled in the same plan. But what is most galling is that he fails to mention the fact that he enjoys a good state pension, compliments of being a retired state trooper. Perhaps he forgot about that. Oh, and by the way, while being a state employee, Maggi contributed to his state pension, as did the taxpayers whom he appears to be concerned for.

Barry Andrews


Facts unmentioned in pension comments


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